miércoles, 13 de abril de 2011

Sí joder....

And I swear it's the last time and
I swear it's my last try
we're moving by, passing time
counting those center lines
with 20,000 lines left to go
that lead to somewhere I don't know
it might be the time that we leave this all behind
And there's been a few times
that we thought it felt right
to take all the westbound signs
and just leave town tonight


SING US A SON TONIGHT (Piano Man, Billy Joel)

Pd2. Brillantes ilusiones que han quedado en nada, en una triste canción. Cuando las piedras se pongan a hablar y nos pidan perdón por saber tanto y no poder contar más que media verdad... (Fuimos Chicos Rebeldes, La Granja)

Pd3. The kids of tomorrow don't need today... Well I've never seen us act like this, our only hope is the minds of kids, and they'll show us a thing or two...
Like a fire
don't need water,
like a jury
needs a liar,
like a riot
don't need order,
like a mad man
needs a martyr (Red Flag, Billy Talent)

Pd4. No más pds...

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